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My Tune
  1. Falling like a stone 03:12
  2. Better Place 03:50
  3. Light my way 03:45
  4. Nothing but miracles 03:52
  5. Blue birds 04:41
  6. All Going Down 03:40
  7. Does anyone know 03:00
  8. Time To Leave 04:06
  9. Farewell 03:46



Does Any One Know


State Of Mind

Hold On

Time To Leave

The Shade

About Me

“My inspiration for songs comes from my childhood, home, dreams, and memories. Music just slowly surfaces note by note, without planning or thinking. More concentration goes into the lyrics. I give emphasis to each letter, each word; they represent my feelings, thoughts, my self. I have an unexplainable need to tell my story, one that has no beginning and end”